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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are CSG Properties marketing campaigns so effective?

What is different about the way CSG Properties operates?

CSG Properties marketing campaigns are so effective because they encompass a greater pool of buyers. Marketing to the global market, CSG Properties has referral agreements with over 18 companies in over 300 US cities and countries around the world.

When selling, CSG Properties strives to provide maximum exposure to your house by utilizing the global market through our many refereal agreements and contacts around the world. Multilingual communiaction between our company and other agents allows for the potential of the highest and best price based on our extensive marketing used to drive peopele to view your property.


When you are buying a home, CSG Properties and their agents use exhaustive and detailed searches and market neighborhoods that you as a buyer would want to live, providing the greatest possibility of ensuring that the home that's right for you is  discovered and secured.

How do I hire an agent to work for me from CSG Properties?

Call +1.727.314.1803 or visit our contact us page to send a message or visit our social media.

Who is the best buyer for my property and where can they be found?

At CSG Properties, we customize our consumers experience to make sure their unique needs are being met. When selling a property, our sales team creates a campaign that proactively and aggressively targets the perfect buyer for your house.

When is the best time to sell my property?

Now! There's quite possibly never been a better time to be a property owner then right now. The real estate market has seen tremendous appreciation over the last few years and we can only envision that it will continue. The future is uncertain though and many things can influence trends in the housing market. Realize the profits of your home's appreciation today by listing with us!

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